Keto Peppermint PIe

This recipe is so easy and delicious! It would be a wonderful pie to bake on Christmas Day or for any holiday. It’s keto, low carb, gluten free and sugar free, BUT it tastes like the real deal. No cheating here with this pie. A recipe definitely worth trying over and over again.
[caption id="attachment_634" align="aligncenter" width="555"]KETO PEPPERMINT PIE KETO PEPPERMINT PIE[/caption]
- 1/3c butter (5 1/2 Tbsp)
- 2c almond flour
- 3Tbsp cocoa
- 1Tbsp Pyure sweetener or any sweetener of your choice
- Preheat oven to 350 degrees
- In a medium bowl, combine melted butter, almond flour, cocoa and sweetener together, mix well
- Press mixture into an oven safe 9 inch pie pan that has been sprayed with oil very well, this is to prevent crust from sticking to pan
- Bake for approx. 12 to 15 minutes
- Set crust aside to cool.
Pie Filling
- 1 8oz cream cheese, softened
- 3/4c Swerve confectioners
- Topping: 9 sugar free peppermint candies (crushed)
- Add softened cream cheese to a medium size bowl
- Using a mixer, beat cream cheese until fluffy
- Gradually add Swerve confectioners and mix well with mixer
- Set aside and make the whipped topping recipe below, which will then be beat into this mixture.
Whipped Topping
- 16oz Heavy Whipping Cream
- 2Tbsp Pyure sweetener or any sweetener of your choice
- 1/4tsp Peppermint extract
- Pour heavy whipping cream into a medium bowl
- Add sweetener and extract
- With a mixer, beat cream until peaks form
- Take the above pie filling and this whipped topping and beat together until combined
- Pour into cooled crust
- Sprinkle on top crushed sugar free peppermint candies
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